Flyfoil Foil Range

New Flyfoils

The new Flyfoil™ product line includes 2 foil systems to cover surf/wake  sports and wind sports. Plus several options that cover different conditions and ride styles.

flyfoil sup kite production foils

Our new lineup is the result of a whole lot of intensive testing and some great feedback from our riders and our customers. You wanted stronger and we have delivered with several key advancements that meet this need.

(Pictured) Surf-SUP-Wake crossover on the left featuring the new integrated fuselage, and our new Carbon Kitefoil featuring a beefier KF Box, and a full 90cm Mast./ All models feature the TC torsion-control mast construction.


Foil Design Specs – Surf/Wake Setup:

  • Mast: 65cm
  • Fuselage: 75cm (total)
  • Mount Type: Plate Mount system
  • Wing Mount Type: Docking Pin
  • Features: Stronger integrated/fused Fuselage, Full Carbon Mast Plate

Foil Design Specs – Wind/Kite Setup:

  • Mast Length(s): 70cm,  90cm
  • Fuselage: 65cm (total)
  • Mount Type: Plate Mount system
  • Wing Mount Type: Bolt on
  • Features: Detachable Fuselage, Full Carbon Mast Plate

MAST LENGTHS: Our Masts are available in different lengths according to your needs:

WING DESIGNS:  Wing Foil Design process. Our Wings are designed with the aid of 3D computer design software, where models are given virtual performance testing. Then prototypes of each design are made for the team riders and testers, for their evaluation and feedback. When we are happy with our final shapes we make them available on our current models.

Mounting Hardware: all wing to fuselage, and mast to fuselage screws and hardware is included with the complete Foil Sets. *Board to Foil Mount hardware can be ordered separately.


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